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Charging Kit for Apple/Android/Blackberry/Windows and MP3 devices is available

Dual Full Duplex Speakerphones: High quality noise cancelling speakerphones on both base and handset
Battery Hibernation Mode: Batteries are factory-installed, for easier deployment. Phones and batteries activated once placed on powered base. Staff can store charged phones in hibernation mode for ready deployment.
Dynamic Transmit Power: Handset transmits power which adapts to the distance between handset and base, helping to extend battery life between charges.
Multiple Remote Handset Support: Base can support up to 4 remote handsets
Streamlined Power & Line Cord Integration: Power and phone line(s) are combined into one cable that connects to the phone, eliminating tangled cable mess
Automatic Handset Synchronization: Handset automatically synchronize by being placed onto base charge cradle unit
Power Failure (Lifeline) Mode: In the event of power failure, calls can still be made from the corded base unit
Cordless Handset Configurations: 1.8GHz and 1.9GHz
Service Buttons: Cordless handset can save up to 3 service buttons

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